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Flamenco Christmas Surprise

Let me start off by saying that I am very blessed with an entire family of talented artists - so my life growing up and Christmas may not be typical. Often times we gift each other hand-made cards and paintings as we can appreciate the amount of time and concentration that went into producing the one of a kind item.

So it was with great joy on Christmas to open the present box and discover this amazing doll inside!  Not only is my sister Corinna Jasmine a very talented illustrator and painter, she has picked up the skills of fashion design and is able to figure out complex crafting as shown in these photos.

The Doll arrived set up in a beautiful box with several accessories such as a Peineta (Spanish hair comb), Miniature red flowers (shown in one of the photos below), a Mantilla (Black lace shawl to wear over her head) and even a beautiful crushed velvet purple flower for myself to wear.

She came with a detachable wig so I can customize her in the future. Can you believe she made the wig by combing out yarn and glueing the pieces to hair tracks? Additionally she hand placed the eyelashes on, and hand-molded/crafted the eyes so they are 3D.

The doll is a complete modification of a Monster High doll so it was very poseable. I was able to easily rotate the arms to make all the flamenco poses I wanted.

The details were impressive, the dress was stitched with careful detailing to beading and lace. She modded the shoes from what were originally boots and in addition to the bow and jewel on the toes - she added the nice lace up flamenco shoe detail. I would like to get shoes like these!

I just love the hands, they worked out perfectly as the poses passed well for flamenco. Just look at the detailing of the hand painted fingernails.

Here I've added the miniature red rose and peineta. We have named her Señorita Blanca Rosa, translated to English is "White Rose". Thought it was fitting with her beautiful porcelain skin.

I set her up on the chaise to show the underside of her Bata de Cola. She added purple fabric underneath and extra lace detailing.

She also looks quite stunning with her hair down free and wild. Though I don't believe my sister has heard of her she really reminds me of the Spanish singer, dancer, actress Lola Flores. (below)

Enjoyed taking these photos in front of the fireplace, I think it also emphasizes the gothic aspect of her.

A photo my sister took of her resting, I like the focus here.

If you are interested in following Corinna Jasmine's journey as she continues exploring work on dolls, follow her brand new instagram Corinna Jasmine Dolls