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Happy to finally share the news .. that has been brewing and developing for quite awhile! This September at the Waterfront Theatre, will be flying over to Vancouver from Montréal with Alvaro Echanove and Henry Garf, joining forces with Davide Sampaolo to present our work "Sombras/Shadows" in the  Vancouver International Flamenco Festival .   A brief synopsis of the project: "Sombras/Shadows is a live music and dance presentation with visual projections that reflects Kara Miranda’s personal journey and Carl Jung’s theories of the shadow self. It’s a parallel search for the intangible shadows of the past and accepting and actualizing our shadow side. The work began as a creative residency with Flamenco Rosario under the mentorship of Mariano Cruceta Serrano." We were also awarded a Canada Council for the Arts | Conseil des arts du Canada grant to fund this project and trip! Thanks so much to  Rosario Ancer Flamenco  for her guidance and encouragement, and the festival

September 2018 Shows!

Here's some more details: September 9 - Festival Flamenco de Montréal Rue Bernard  JFFD Journée Familia Flamenca FFLAM 2018  2018, 11:45am & 3:30pm September 15 - Festival Flamenco de Montréal 5 à 7 festif Pepito Sangria / Samedi 15 sept/ Club Espagnol Alvaro  Echanove singing, "Quique" on guitar, Kara Miranda and  Dennis Antonyswamy  dancing,  Ahau Marino  on cajon, guest  Ali Omar El-Farouk علي عمر الفاروق  playing Oud * Reservation recommended September 22 - 3pm Vancouver International Flamenco Festival "Las Solitas" Picnic Pavilion stage on Granville Island "Marekito" on guitar,  Jafelin  singing, solos by Kara Miranda, Katia Flores, Yurie Kaneko, "Katalina" Cruz, Jhoely Triana September 23 - 12PM Vancouver International Flamenco Festival Artist Creative Residency Zagar Studio at the Scotiabank Dance Centre, 677 Davie Street September 23 - 8pm East is East "Chai Gallery" Peter Mole  on guitar, Kara Miranda and 
Here's a pixelized style drawing on an online art post forum when I was 12, inspired by a flamenco poster from Spain. I just loved the bright colours of vivid yellow, orange and green.

Puerta de Agua Mozaico Flamenco (2015)

Flashback Flamenco Friday! 💃💃 Looking back at my last Mozaico Flamenco company show I performed in a few years ago. Along with Katalina Cruz, I was coached in this choreography by Kasandra, a mentor whom I have been very grateful to study with for many years in Vancouver. This was a foray into a more modern style of flamenco with recorded music. For me this memory represents undergoing a tough time in my life but also focusing on what really matters and persevering through it all. Duet with Katalina Cruz “Viñetas del Mozaico” At the Scotiabank Dance Centre, Vancouver, BC, Canada March 1, 2015 “Puerta de Agua” Choreography: Ricardo Lopez & Kasandra “La China” Music: Javier Paxarino Mozaico Flamenco

January Show Photos and Update

So grateful for the opportunities to perform in Montréal after being spotted joining my friends at Fin de Fiesta onstage at the "Club Espagnol de Québec". Happy that this talented group of local flamenco artists agreed to join me. These are some snapshots of our first show by photographer Hervé Leblay, a prolific contributor and supporter of the Montréal flamenco scene. Here is the second poster design I created. We welcomed guitarist Henry Garf, an up and coming flamenco guitarist from San Francisco with a well rounded professional music background. He has quickly transferred his skills to the difficult accompaniment of flamenco singing and dance and a pleasure to perform with. Looking forward to continue this year with shows and new choreography, and to be more involved in the Montréal flamenco community. For instance, I am currently involved in the Viva Communitaire Art  (VCA) initiative and Cabar

Flamenco en el Club Español

Excited to announce my first flamenco cuadro debut performance in Montréal! Though I have had a few fusion flamenco/jazz/blues shows with the group Roots of Rhythm and a couple student performances as a student with Myriam Allard, this is my first time performing a full traditional show with this very talented group of artists. Espectáculo de Flamenco en el Club Español, 20 de enero 2018 It has been just over a year since I have settled in this beautiful city, moving for both a much needed change, for a more affordable city and for my animation career. Another major draw of course is that there is quite a substantial flamenco interest here - in part of its proximity to Europe and also its population being quite multicultural and multilingual, a real melting pot. So in watching a Caberet Flamenco show at the Wiggle Room a few months ago, I was blown away by the Soleá solo by this young flamenco singer new to the city, Alvaro Echanove. Very happy to be working with him and

Flamenco Christmas Surprise

Let me start off by saying that I am very blessed with an entire family of talented artists - so my life growing up and Christmas may not be typical. Often times we gift each other hand-made cards and paintings as we can appreciate the amount of time and concentration that went into producing the one of a kind item. So it was with great joy on Christmas to open the present box and discover this amazing doll inside!  Not only is my sister Corinna Jasmine a very talented illustrator and painter, she has picked up the skills of fashion design and is able to figure out complex crafting as shown in these photos. The Doll arrived set up in a beautiful box with several accessories such as a Peineta (Spanish hair comb), Miniature red flowers (shown in one of the photos below), a Mantilla (Black lace shawl to wear over her head) and even a beautiful crushed velvet purple flower for myself to wear. She came with a detachable wig so I can customize her in the future. Can you believe sh