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January Show Photos and Update

So grateful for the opportunities to perform in Montréal after being spotted joining my friends at Fin de Fiesta onstage at the "Club Espagnol de Québec". Happy that this talented group of local flamenco artists agreed to join me.

These are some snapshots of our first show by photographer Hervé Leblay, a prolific contributor and supporter of the Montréal flamenco scene.

Here is the second poster design I created. We welcomed guitarist Henry Garf, an up and coming flamenco guitarist from San Francisco with a well rounded professional music background. He has quickly transferred his skills to the difficult accompaniment of flamenco singing and dance and a pleasure to perform with.

Looking forward to continue this year with shows and new choreography, and to be more involved in the Montréal flamenco community. For instance, I am currently involved in the Viva Communitaire Art (VCA) initiative and Cabaret Flamenco de Montréal (CFDM), which organizations both aim to foster and grow the local scene here. Here is the logo I designed for VCA and this really cool poster from the 50s by French artist Bernard Villemot, that will inspire my promotional design for CFDM.